The D4D Challenge is a great success!

Thanks once again to every participants for your implication. Their projects are really high quality and offer innovative ways to help the development in AMEA. This Big Data revolution would not be possible without the researcher communities supporting projects such as the D4D Challenges.

Prizes have been awarded on April, 9th and 10th during the Netmob Conference 2015 in the MIT (Cambridge, USA). You could not attend the Conference and do not know who are the winners? Follow this link:

  1. and the winners are ... 


Every project of the D4D Challenge Senegal is now available following those links:


To better understand the Ethic process established for the D4D Challenge Senegal and its teachings, you can also consult the report of the External Review Panel (pdf)

Continue to enliven the Data for Development community to know more about the D4D Challenge and its future edition!

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