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2014, December 12th

more information about DEEP - Data for development External Ethic Panel and members' biography

2014, November 6th

Dear participants, we created a Special Mention dedicated to ethics for this edition of the Challenge.

Please find all the information in this document

Prizes will be awarded in two categories

prizes for development themes

aimed at aiding the country's development and the welfare of the populations. 
Five prizes, one prize per theme: Health, Agriculture, Transport/Urban planning, Energy, National Statistics will be awarded in the form of an endowment for exploring the operational feasibility and moving forward in their implementation.
This endowment will be used to make progress in the implementation of the results through applications and operational services.

prizes for methods

aimed at promoting the commended projects on scientific aspects or creativity. They can be combined with each other or with the themed prizes above.

The 5 prizes in this category are as follows:

  • First Prize
  • Scientific prize: rewards the project that used innovating methods and that show originality and rigor in its scientific approach.
  • Data base crossing prize: rewards creativity in the research of original data base and of crossing methods between third party data base and Data of mobile network of Orange-Sonatel.
  • Data Visualization prize: rewards the most talking, attractive and clear presentation. It can also reward a project that is more journalistic and editorial bringing out key messages.
  • Operational implementation prize: rewards a project that can be rapidly implemented through a service that answers to a practical and recurrent problem of population.

These prizes will each be the subject of an endowment.

The organisation committee will invite the prize-winning researchers and a selection of the projects in each category to present their results at two events. The first one will take place in spring 2015 at the NetMob international conference ("Analysis of Mobile Phone Datasets and Networks"). This is when the prizes will be awarded to the winners.  The second presentation will be organised by Orange-Sonatel in May-June 2015 in Senegal. The most relevant projects will be presented, in agreement with the researchers and their referents, the local authorities and the organisations likely to make use of the results.

assessment of the works and selection of the winners

The members of the ‘D4D Committee’ will independently assess the work based on criteria covering both the contributions to development and the criteria related to methods. A decision will be made collectively, under the responsibility of the Chairman to evaluate these various factors and select the most commended projects.

The criteria taken into account regarding development are mainly based on the response to the requirements listed in the descriptions of the 5 themes.  Also on these themes, the assessment will also take account of the extent to which the results can be mobilised outside the scientific community. The accessibility of the results for the stakeholders of development who are not familiar with scientific language (NGOs, local authorities…) will constitute an additional advantage, in particular the care taken with illustrations and clear and simple style in the summaries of results projects and their potential applicability.

The discussions to decide on the winning projects will be led by the Chairman of the Committee in order to reach a consensus among the members of the committee, based on one vote per member.  The results will be final.

The D4D Committee

  • Pr Elizabeth Belding, Professor and Vice Chair Dept. of Computer Science UC Santa Barbara
  • Pr Vincent Blondel, Catholic University  of Louvain (UCL), Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium - Research Affiliate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and Chairman  of the 'D4D' Committee
  • Mr Nicolas Demassieux, Orange Labs Research, Senior Vice President Orange Labs, Paris, France
  • Pr Ngala Djitte, Gaston Bergé University, St Louis, Senegal
  • Mr Tim Hayward, Managing Director of the GSMA Development Fund, GSMA, London, UK
  • Mr William Hoffman, head of the World Economic Forum's Telecommunications Industry Group, New
  • Mr   Johannes Jutting, PARIS21, OECD, Paris
  • Mr Jake Kendall, Program Officer in the Financial Services for the Poor initiative at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Mr Robert Kirkpatrick, Director of Global Pulse, United Nations, New York, USA
  • Mr Omar N’Diaye, Director of Development at Sonatel, Dakar, Senegal
  • Pr Alex (Sandy) Pentland, Medialab, MIT, Boston , USA
  • Ms Marie-Claude Sance-Plouchart, Research Engineer, INRIA
  • Pr Bhen Sikina Toguebaye, Université Cheik Anta Diop de Dakar


  • M. Nicolas de Cordes, VP Orange, Marketing Anticipation, D4D Committee Coordinator