One year after the 'Data For Development Côte d'Ivoire Challenge', Sonatel and the Orange Group are now launching a ‘D4D Challenge’ in Senegal. For this purpose, they are making available to the scientific community, in the exclusive context of the D4D Competition, a series of statistical databases and samples extracted from the mobile network management signals.  They are also making available an original detailed database of climate measurements extracted from the solar panels that are fitted to the masts, and for this edition a database known as a "Synthetic CDR" (learn more and clic to the page data§ synthetic CDR)

 a 2nd edition of the D4D Challenge in Senegal?

The main objective of the project for Sonatel and also for the Orange Group naturally consists of helping local populations in their everyday life. This is also part of the ‘Orange 4 Development’ global approach.  In addition, the ‘D4D Challenge’ proposes exploration, in open mode and by experimentation, of several aspects of the use of BigData for development:

  • Which analyses and knowledge are able to contribute the most relevant results for decision-makers and can influence public policy and efforts in favour of the development and welfare of the populations ?
  • What could be the regulatory and legal framework to allow the use of big data for the purposes of the common good and development?  What could be the conditions for collaboration between private and public institutions based on analysis of the data to achieve the most benefit for society ?
  • What could be the formats for availability of mobility data in a form that is robust enough and easily accessible to allow research such as management of operations for the purposes of  development, while thoroughly guaranteeing security and respect of individual privacy ?
  • Which operational and economic models are able to guarantee long-term development of these activities, and to show an ecosystem of local expertise and companies that could support these activities and benefit from them ?

We hope that the project, with the assistance of the local institutions and the members of the ‘D4D Committee’ will allow us to contribute by a better informed spotlight on consideration of these questions that are important for our society.


2013 challenge

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